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Diamond Sports Picks

Welcome to Diamond Sports Picks. At we are a sports betting team that consists of 10 diverse sports handicappers with each one of those handicappers focusing on 1 or 2 sports. All of our sports handicappers have shown superiority with their sports handicapping picks in each of their respected sports to guarantee that you are getting the highest quality of picks for your dollar.

A big reason why other sports services fail to produce quality sports handicapping picks is because there is only 1 or 2 guys making the picks. These 1 or 2 handicappers may be decent at selecting winning NFL picks or College football picks but they will most likely struggle when making NBA picks or College Basketball Picks. Just as some services may be respectable with their baseball picks but they will most likely struggle when making NFL picks or NHL hockey picks. At you don’t have to worry about those problems. Whether you are looking for football picks, basketball picks, baseball picks, or even hockey picks we have you covered. You can click on any of the sports picks links to see what the sports handicappers have on tap for today.

We offer a login system for all members so you never have to worry about calling into the office and not getting an answer as you would from another sports handicapping service. Or if you normally get your sports picks emailed to you, there is no worry about not getting the email. All of our sports betting picks are posted in the members area for you to view the instant you login.

We also offer free sports picks all season long for every major sport. These picks come courtesy of our Diamond Sports Report which you can get signed up for at the top of the page or on any of the free sports picks pages like the free NFL picks or free NBA picks page.

As well as offering premium and free sports picks our website has tons of other great features including odds, betting articles, gambling information, and up to date ATS standings for the major sports. We would also like to thank our colleague MadduxSports for helping us get our foot in the door in the online handicapping industry. If you don't decide to go with us for your handicapping needs, visit the sharp guys at Maddux for NFL picks this season. They are also offering a free ncaa printable bracket for the tournament.

We are here to help you and answer any questions you may have so feel free to email us with any questions you may have.




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